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2x Cosmetic Fridge + 2x Trio

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The cosmetic fridge is specially designed to store your favorite cosmetics at optimal temperatures and to benefit to the maximum from their properties.

And now you can also pamper yourself with a full massage with the effect of lifting, draining and relaxing with this Trio of Pink Quartz massage devices.


For a quicker absorption of skincarecare products, store the natural stone massage devices in the cosmetic fridge: cool them to 5–10° C for an anti-inflammatory effect or heat them up to 40–60° C for a relaxing effect.

The package Contains

2x Gua Sha stone, 2x Roller Duo, 2x Textured Mini Roller, instructions for use and certificates of conformity and 2x cosmetic fridge with decorative stickers, leaflet with tips, socket power cord, car power cord and instruction manual .

2x Cosmetic Fridge + 2x Trio
WHAT can I store in my fridge?
Cold Setting
Facial tools
Face mist
Nail polish
Hot Setting
Wax strips
Facial oils
Facial towels
Wax pot
Essential oils
Hair mask


Keeps cosmetics fresh

Cooling to 5-10°C extends the life of cosmetics, prevents their oxidation, stabilizes their chemical formula and increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients in their composition.

The skin regains its healthy glow

A cold cream triggers a vasoconstriction effect on the skin. It has a beneficial effect on the skin as it reduces inflammation, reduces sensitivity and reduces redness.

COLD/HOT function

You enjoy the advantages of its dual function - the cooling function keeps your cosmetics at an optimal temperature, while the heating function allows you to relax with a SPA moment.

Organizer for cosmetics

Organize your favorite products for your daily routine. You have an inner and a side shelf to properly store them, in one place, at an optimal temperature and away from sunlight.

Prevents the appearance of bacteria

In the absence of preservatives, natural creams exposed to heat become a breeding ground for bacteria. Their composition must be protected by refrigeration immediately after opening.


With every purchase, you receive a set of stickers as a gift to decorate your cosmetics mini fridge.

Optimal and correct temperature

The kitchen fridge is not the right place to store cosmetics. In addition to the unpleasant smell of food that creams can pick up, a normal refrigerator can freeze their composition. The mini beauty refrigerator cools between 5-10 degrees, a temperature that protects the ingredients of the products.

  • <p>Next Level</p><p>Skincare Organizer</p>

    Next Level

    Skincare Organizer

    1. Organize your cosmetics on two levels using the interior shelf

  • <p>Sky Is The limit</p>

    Sky Is The limit

    The middle shelf can be easily removed for accommodating taller products

  • <p>Extra Space, </p><p>Extra Cuteness</p>

    Extra Space,

    Extra Cuteness

    3. The detachable door shelf is ideal for small accessories such as sheet masks and facial tools


Cooling your beauty products prolongs their lifespan, reducing the risk
of bacteria forming. A cold cream helps soothe the skin and the texture
becomes smoother, compared to one used at room temperature.

Our Beauty Fridge cools down enough to keep the products cold, but not to the point where it can freeze them. Most
fridges cool between 0-3°C, causing the products to freeze and
affecting their active ingredients. Our Beauty Fridge operates on the
basis of a thermo-electric system that cools by 15-20°C below ambient
temperature, so the temperature inside will always be higher than the
one of a normal fridge. Another major difference
between the two refrigerators is the heating function. The mini fridge
allows you to enjoy a Spa ritual, at home. 

More and more cosmetic products on the market contain less preservatives and more natural ingredients, making them faster to oxidize than usual and after a while, their active ingredients will no longer be as effective. Cooling cosmetics can help prolong their shelf life, while the cold effect is also beneficial for your skin.

The mini fridge is quiet: the noise level of the fan is 28dB.

Condensation is a normal phenomenon and occurs when the door of the mini-fridge is left open for too long.

 We recommend that you close the door when applying and using your creams or serums. The mini fridge also requires a correct positioning: on a straight and dry surface, protected from light, heat and humidity.

 Condensation can also occur in case of an incorrect ventilation: you must always leave a space of at least 10 cm in the back for adequate ventilation. It is ideal not to overload the mini fridge with products, as the air circulation inside may be affected. Please consult the User Manual to avoid any unpextected situations.

The shelves inside the mini fridge can be removed to make room for more space, but unfortunately the height is not adjustable, so they cannot be moved up or down.

The material is ABS plastic, shock resistant.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a USB cable, but the package contains a car adapter, so the mini fridge can be transported anywhere!

As our mini fridge does not work like a normal fridge, and is specifically created for cosmetics, we don't recommend storing any food inside it.

It depends on how much you use it. Since it does not consume a lot, we recommend that you always keep it plugged in to extend the life of your cosmetics.

The mini fridge starts to cool/heat from the moment it is turned on and reaches the lowest/highest temperature in about 2 hours.

Meloni offers a 2-year warranty from the moment of purchase of the cosmetic mini fridge. Please see the Terms and Conditions.


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Our community

Anna Roman
Fashion Designer

"I am very satisfied! Firstly I like that it's very easy to keep my products cold in my bathroom (I used to store them in my kitchen fridge and it was quite uncomfortable). Besides I love the Beauty Stones! Not to mention how cute the mini fridge is!"

Bianca Grijac

"The Beauty Fridge from Meloni is amazing, it looks very cute and it's very useful. Since I started using it, I can't imagine what it's like to put room temperature creams on my face. I love the cold effect on my face!

Slăgeana Motoca
Makeup Artist

"I think we all want to look good and fresh without too much makeup and that is why I take care of my products : I store my creams, masks and serums in the Meloni Beauty fridge. It's so cute and small, but at the same time spacious- perfect for you and you vanity. Besides it also has a HOT function for your SPA products! I hope I made you curious and that you will try it because it's worth every penny."

Ioana Vasilache
Fashion Blogger

"I truly recommend the products from Meloni. I have the pink mini fridge that I am very happy with. It's so cute and spacious. I store all my skincare products inside it and my facial roller. I think it's a must have!"

Maria Pasca
Beauty Blogger

"The mini fridge from Meloni is exactly what I need. It's small but spacious enough for everything I need to store in it. It's very practical, pretty and specially designed for skincare products. It has improved my beauty routine and now I can't get enough of it. I want to take it with me on trips, since it has a car plug and it can be taken anywhere."

Rebecca Mânzat

"I purchased a while ago the Meloni beauty fridge: it has made my life easier and improved my skincare routine since I can finally store my products properly! I truly recommend this brand, because besides the lovely products, you will also get a lot of professionalism and kindness from the people behind Meloni!"

Lucaci Mandl Blanche

"I think a more brilliant idea than this couldn't have happened! It's a skincare goal to store my favorite products at the best temperature for them and to benefit this much from their ingredients. I love it, it looks amazing and it's super useful. A must have for every girl and woman, for sure! I recommend with all my heart! 🙂"

Ioana Maria Alexandra
Beauty Blogger

"Very beautiful and useful. I have it in the color pink and besides its sweet aspect, it is also very helpful in my routine. Every time I walk past it, I take out the facial roller and I massage my face with it. The result? Immediate relaxation and refreshment."

Nikita Ardusadan
Content creator

"I am pleasantly surprised with the mini fridge from Meloni. I bought it for a giveaway and I got the chance to test it for a while. Besides its pretty aspect, that seems like a fairytale, it's also very spacious. Not to mention that it has multiple functions, amazing! I think that any girl would need this in her life. Soon I want to get my own one. Very good product!"

Anna Liza

"I recommend with all my love the products from Meloni. I had the chance to try each one of them, and the quality is clearly the backbone of this brand. For me the beauty fridge is the star of the show, being designed specially for a good skincare routine. The fact that it has two functions- the COLD one and the HOT one- it's a very essential aspect in my beauty routine. Also, it's a very cute product that every beauty vanity needs."

Anca Țapu

"I use the Facial Roller from Meloni almost everyday, especially at night. I love it. I recommend it with all my heart!"

Alexandra Maria
Sales Director

"Currently I have at home the beauty fridge and the Gua Sha Stone from Meloni. I am very satisfied and I make sure to keep all of my skincare products that I use in the mini- fridge. The creams together with the stones feel amazing when applied cold. The results are WOW for my skin: it's feels more stretched, fresher and revigorated."

Roxana Nestian
Travel and Lifestyle Blogger

"For me, Meloni means "taking care of your femininity", self love and confidence! Their products have become essential accessories in my beauty ritual that I do everyday. I truly recommend Meloni Care, because besides the brand, you can feel that they are really passionate and they really care, coming to help, you, women."

Laura Doicu

"The Textured Mini Roller from Meloni has become my favorite in my skincare routine! I like how its texture feels on my skin during the massage, it's veerrryyy relaxing 😍  And in the morning when I wake up with puffy eyes, I use the cold Beauty Globes and I immediately feel my eyes and face very fresh and ready for a new day. Love it!"