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Are you storing your cosmetics correctly during the summertime?

Are you storing your cosmetics correctly during the summertime?

In the summer, the sun's rays are an excellent source of vitamin D, which will help you have elastic skin full of vitality. But the same cannot be said about sun exposure to cosmetic products. They must be kept in a dry place and at an optimal temperature. The mini-fridge becomes the most ideal and compact solution, ready to completely change your self-care routine and keep your creams fresh for a long time.

What happens when cosmetics are not stored properly?

High temperatures and humidity can inactivate the active substances through the reactions in the product formula, and it will no longer provide the desired effect. Changes due to improper storage can also be noticed in the product’s texture or fragrance.

The most sensitive products are vitamin C, acids, and natural cosmetics.

Vitamin C is famous for its antioxidant effect and its ability to reduce pigment spots, but it is one of the most reactive substances to environmental factors. It can oxidize even within two weeks when it is stored in improper conditions. This aspect is noticeable by changing the color from colorless or white to orange or other similar or darker shades. The instability of the product can be combated by using a beauty fridge that offers an optimal temperature.

These are included in the list of thermosensitive substances and exfoliating acids (AHA, BHA, glycolic acid, etc.), which very quickly lose their effectiveness at high temperatures or when exposed to the sun, as well as cosmetics based on natural ingredients, with little or no preservatives.

A mini fridge for cosmetics — The ultimate storage solution

How does a fridge help us extend the shelf life of your beauty products?

  • It protects the products from the sun's rays, heat, and humidity, by offering an optimal temperature of 5-10 degrees Celsius, which does not freeze the products.
  • Protects the creams from the appearance of bacteria
  • Extends the duration of use, keeping them fresh for longer

Remember that organic products have unique formulas that require storage under strict conditions, like make-up products that can melt at high temperatures. Therefore, a portable cosmetics fridge is not a fad but a necessity, especially during summer.

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