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Everything you need to know about cosmetic mini fridges

Everything you need to know about cosmetic mini fridges

Some cosmetics or skin care products require special storage conditions, and most use regular fridges to keep them cold. But this storage also has disadvantages; it may transfer odors, and it involves a rather inconvenient journey every morning/evening to the kitchen and back... But now, after the trend has become so popular, there is no need to compromise anymore, thanks to these incredible mini-fridges.

The mini fridge keeps your creams at an optimal temperature and ensures the best conditions. If you didn't know, cold creams have many benefits for the skin, so let's discover how these mini cosmetic fridges will change our routine together.

Dermatologist Gretchen Frieling states that:

  • Cosmetics stored at a cold temperature greatly benefit the skin by constricting the blood vessels, giving the skin a firmer appearance. At the same time, bags under the eyes or sensitivity/redness are reduced. Here we can refer to any product, from moisturizing cream to toner, sheet mask, or eye cream, which, after being applied cold, also offer a refreshing sensation that will refresh your skin.
  • But not only does the skin win. Think about how many creams and cosmetics can lose their properties if stored incorrectly. Products containing Vitamin C are indicated to be kept at low temperatures to maintain their properties over time. Active substances such as acids or retinol are no longer effective if they have been at room temperature for too long.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing massage and keep the benefits of cryotherapy. Insert natural stone rollers and even Gua Sha facial massage in the mini cream fridge. The cold feeling of revitalization is divine.

Dermatologist Channing Barnett claimed that cosmetic products kept at low temperatures would not only act as a refreshing compress, but the low temperature intensifies the active substances’ properties in the cream. For example, an eye cream used at temperatures of 5-6 degrees Celsius will help deflate and calm the bags under the eyes by vasoconstriction, restricting the blood flow in that area.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a suitable cosmetic mini fridge?

We are sure that you are by now convinced of how necessary a mini cosmetic fridge is, and now we want to help you choose one that suits your needs.

You need a spacious cosmetic fridge, but one that you can position somewhere near your routine skincare spot so that it stays within reach. It measures the space before and finds the most suitable place for its size.

Remember that the beauty mini fridge can be charged at the outlet through a cable, so that you will need an area powered by electricity.

Choose a cosmetic fridge with removable shelves to give you more space when storing tall products. A mini cosmetic fridge with space on the side door will be best suited for massage accessories or face masks.

Make sure the cosmetic mini fridge does not work like a regular kitchen fridge, as those can freeze below 0 degrees Celsius, and frozen and thawed cosmetic products will lose their properties. A mini skincare fridge will never freeze the products because its cooling system only goes 15-20 degrees below ambient, protecting the cosmetic products.

The Meloni mini fridge has heating and cooling functions, two compartments, and two cables, one for the standard socket and one for the car, weighs 1.75 kg, and comes with stickers, an instruction flyer, and a warranty.

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