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Do I need a mini fridge for cosmetics?

Do I need a mini fridge for cosmetics?

To enjoy a bright and shiny complexion and radiate your most authentic beauty, to gain more confidence in yourself and your personality– you need to know your skin and its needs.

And the skincare routine does not only consist of the choice and proper use of cosmetic products but also of the way you store them. Yes, cosmetic products need proper storage away from sunlight, moisture, and heat, especially on hot summer days.

Our solution? A mini cosmetics fridge that will help you enjoy a complete and complex routine by keeping your favorite cosmetic products fresh for longer.

What is a cosmetic mini fridge?

A mini cosmetics fridge is an innovative portable piece of equipment with storage compartments, a cooling system, and a heating function. This functionality contributes to the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the care products by storing them at optimal temperatures and protecting the creams from the appearance of bacteria.

What is the difference between a regular fridge and a beauty fridge?

Size - A mini fridge for creams is a compact version of the classic one in your kitchen. More precisely, it has a 4L capacity, allowing you to take it with you... almost anywhere. Being relatively easy to transport, you can keep your finest products ready to use while traveling.

Temperature - A portable cosmetics fridge cools only 15-20 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature compared to a classic fridge. This temperature is optimal for skin care products keeping them cool yet not freezing, so they don’t lose their properties or degrade over time.

Heating function - For spa moments right within your home... who doesn't love a warm facial oil applied with a heated massage stone after a long and cold winter day? Let's not forget that you can also use the cosmetics fridge for small, wet towels that open your pores before the routine.

What are the benefits?

The cooling function of a make-up fridge ensures the long-term preservation of the cream's formula and effectiveness. At the same time, it prevents the appearance of bacteria and the shortening of their shelf life due to inadequate storage conditions. The heating function of a mini fridge activates the substances in the products, such as exfoliants, masks, or oils, helping them penetrate the skin quicker and act more deeply in its layers.

A cosmetic mini fridge will improve your skincare routine

Many women find an intimate refuge in care and make-up products. It removes their tension and fatigue in just a few minutes in their morning and evening care. A true beauty enthusiast and skin health nerd not only needs skincare products but also a dedicated space in which to store them successfully, preserving their properties. Inside a mini-cream fridge, the products will be arranged to your liking, always at your fingertips.

“I love this mini's a dream! It is small and compact, but it cools the creams very well, and the sensation I feel when I apply them cold is wonderful. I don't think I could ever return to warm creams!” - Andrea

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