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The ideal spa routine right within your home

The ideal spa routine right within your home

Tiring and challenging days can have a happy ending after an at-home spa session. Even if all you want is to lie down on the couch in the living room or enjoy your free time in the company of loved ones, your moment of pampering can take place simultaneously.

All you have to do? Press the HOT button, and let’s go! 

Now even if you didn’t get the chance to make an appointment at the SPA or your financial resources don't allow it, you could enjoy a spa moment at any moment of the day, thanks to the mini fridge's heating function.

The hot function makes it heat up to 50-60 degrees Celsius and thanks to a special thermostat, it stops before it gets too hot.

What can we heat up?

Depilatory wax - Perfect for DIY sessions when you're in a hurry and can't make it to the appointment

Compresses or facial towels - Did you know that by applying warm, slightly damp compresses on freshly washed skin, you can contribute to a safe opening of the pores? This stimulates proper absorption of your favorite products and amplifies the serums, masks, and creams’ effectiveness with this cosmetic mini fridge. Facial oils that will thoroughly hydrate and relax the skin.

Massage accessories (preferably made of natural stone, not plastic) such as Gua sha or facial rollers for lymphatic drainage or natural lifting with a relaxing and purifying effect.

Essential oils - Rosemary, lavender, Yilang-Ylang, etc. Heating intensifies the oils’ actions for a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Hair masks - Don't forget to leave them cooling long enough to give your hair shine and hydration

Warm the hair towels so that the ingredients in the hair mask work even more effectively.

This is just one of the ways you can use the cosmetic mini fridge and its heating function. With its help, you can create real SPA sessions at home. Find out how you can also enjoy its cooling function in our blogs.

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