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Textured Mini Roller Rose Quartz

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The texture of the Mini Roller is specially created to provide an energizing massage for the skin, stimulating blood circulation and allowing the creams to be absorbed and act quickly.

Benefits: massages that have profound effects on the skin, offering hydration and a radiant appearance. Due to its design, the textured roller accelerates lymphatic drainage and reduces the accumulation of fluid in the tissue.

Use: store the textured Mini Roller in the mini-fridge: cool it to 5–10 °C for an invigorating effect, or heat it up to 40–60 °C for a relaxing effect. Apply a few drops of your favorite moisturizer, using upward movements for a lifting massage, or downward movements for a draining massage.

Mini roller length: 11 cm
Important tip: clean the roller after each use.
The package contains: a textured mini roller, instructions for use and certificate of conformity.


Other types of stones

Stone properties

Healing / Calming / Invigorating
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In stock

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What is a Facial Roller?

The Facial Roller massage technique has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for treatments and relaxation: a massage done correctly can speed the process of regeneration of the cells, reducing inflammation and pain.

What are the benefits of facial rolling?

Massaging your face with semi-precious stones forces the blood that has stagnated for too long in the capillaries to come out and be replaced with fresh, oxygenated blood, while lactic acid or uric acid residues are released from the muscles and from under the skin. This elimination of excess or negative energies restores your balances and encourages healing.

What is the difference between a Textured Mini Roller and other Beauty Stones?

The textured surface of the Mini Roller helps the active substances of your cosmetics be absorbed deep into the epidermis, while providing an energizing effect.

How do you use a Textured Mini Roller?

After cleansing, apply a serum or oil to your face and neck area. Start the massage following the instructions in the package. Use the textured surface on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

How often should you use a Mini Roller to see results?

We recommend you to use it every day, morning and night, repeating the movements between 3-5 times for each area.

How do you use a Textured Mini Roller?

For a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, during the massage you should apply some drops of facial oil, serum or moisturizer.

How do you clean the Mini Roller?

You can wash it with soap and water or use a cleansing wipe. To disinfect it, you can use an antibacterial spray. Keep those germs away from your goodies!

Can it break easily?

Since the Mini Roller is made out of a semi-precious stone, it must be used and stored with care.

Can I store it my beauty fridge?

Yes! A massage with a cold mini roller works wonders on the skin: it reduces inflammation and swelling, improving blood circulation. Because the mini fridge has a dual function, you can also heat up the roller by setting the heating function on for a relaxing massage, to open up your pores.

How do I know which stone to choose?

It depends on your preference - each stone has different metaphysical properties. We are going to publish a Guide that will help you choose the right stone. Stay tuned!

Which facial massage is better: the one with the Textured Roller or the one with the Duo Roller?

The two are different: the Mini Roller is ideal for tired skin due to its textured surface, offering a deep and energizing massage, while the Roller massage reduces inflammation and helps you apply your favorite products and absorb cosmetics into the skin.

What is the difference between the Beauty Stones?

Each accessory is different, but they work best together. 

We recommend that you start your massage with Gua Sha for contouring and lifting, to then reduce the inflammation and soothe your skin using the Duo Roller. On days when your skin feels dull, you can massage it using the textured Roller, ideal for a more energizing massage.
Mini Roller Texturat din Quartz Roz

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2 Reviews
Irina Gavrila
Verified Account

It immediately became my favorite roller, I take it with me everywhere. Very easy, cute and efficient ( my skin type is pro acne and I have never been fully satisfied by the creams I have used, but now after using them together with the roller, they started ''working'' and the serums have lit up my face in a matter of days)

Age: under 18 years old
Skin Type:
  1. Gras
Skin Concern:
  1. Acnee
Cristina Iordan
Verified Account

I recommend the mini roller with all my heart!
I use it daily and I can already see the difference - my skin is shinier and what I like the most is that I can apply facial oils without them making my skin feel heavy. After 3-5 minutes of massaging the oil is absorbed and the skin gets hydrated but not oily. Besides, I love how perfect and cute its size is. I love it!

Age: 28 - 32 years old
Skin Type:
  1. Mixt
Skin Concern:
  1. Deshidratare
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