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Facial Roll Massage - Does It Really Work?

Facial Roll Massage - Does It Really Work?

The facial roller is one of the most beloved beauty products of the season and rightly so: facial massage with the help of the roller has many benefits. It contributes to our inner health, to our mood, but also to a bright and velvety complexion.

And because we've heard many women wonder if "facial massages actually work", we set out to answer this question here and explain its effects in detail.

First of all, what is the facial roll?

The facial roller can be equipped with one or two natural stones (such as quartz or sodalite) at one end. Some skincare products come with only a larger stone, while other rollers have both a larger and a smaller stone to cover more delicate areas (such as the eye area).

The facial roll can have a smooth or textured surface, each of which offers certain specific benefits (which we discussed in another article).

When and how often should the facial roller be used?

Ideally, this facial massage device should be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, during the care ritual. The massage is performed after applying the cream or serum on the face, to facilitate their absorption (among other benefits).

The roller should not be used for too long - even three to five minutes of daily massage can lead to the long-lasting benefits.

But does it really work?

Many people are wondering if facial roll massage can really have the promised benefits. And to answer this question, it is best to turn to experts.

Studies show that facial roller massage contributes to lymphatic drainage, which in turn can reduce swelling (including under-eye bags). Through pressure, the facial roller subtly stimulates the lymph (the fluid-filled liquid in the lymphatic system) that is under the skin. The presence of these toxins contributes to the swelling of the skin, and the massage, pushing the toxins out, can give the skin a smooth and supple appearance.

Facial massage also has an anti-aging effect, achieved by stimulating circulation. The pressure applied by the roller during the massage "awakens" the blood vessels and accelerates the circulation. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two crucial elements for elastic skin, but also the production of new cells, which leads to a younger and more hydrated skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles.

And speaking of well-being, facial roll massage can reduce anxiety. Most of the time, we don't even notice when the facial muscles are tense. It is believed that we "keep" a lot of tension in the jaw, and massaging and relaxing these muscles obviously eases this tension.

Thus, in addition to the benefits on the skin, facial roll massage equally has an important effect on our mood.

Facial Roll Myths

As we have seen, there are many studies supporting the health benefits of a facial massage with natural stones. However, there are some so-called "myths" that lead to exaggerated expectations about the role of the facial roller and, inevitably, to disappointment.

  1. The facial roll does not help loose weight. Although it encourages lymphatic drainage and by releasing lymph, the face may appear slimer after the massage, the facial roll does not actually eliminate fat.
  1. The facial roll does not cure ailments, but it can improve them quite a bit. Dermatological conditions, such as acne, can be alleviated by regular massage, as it stimulates the circulation and production of new, healthy cells. Similarly, the facial roll relaxes the muscles of the face and neck, helping to alleviate pain due to some ailments, yet it won’t magically cure the ailment.

It is important to understand what realistic expectations from facial roll massage look like so that you are not disappointed.

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