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Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap Bikini Martini

The Meloni Hair Towel is a game-changer for frizz-prone hair! Made with a 3-layer, ultra-soft, absorbent microfiber, it gently dries your hair without causing damage. It's perfect for all hair types and lengths, helping to reduce drying time.


gentle drying / hair treatments / heat protection / frizz prevention

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The Science Behind Gentle Hair Towels
Wet hair is more prone to damage due to a process called hygroscopic fatigue. This makes the cuticle, the hair's protective layer, more vulnerable to friction. Regular towels, however, are harsh on wet hair, leaving you with frizz instead of shine. The Meloni Hair Towel is different: lightweight, soft, and designed to minimize friction, protecting your hair during this delicate time.


Secure closure: Our hair towel features a button and elastic band that keeps it firmly on your head, even when you're on the move.

Lightweight and easy to use: No more bulky, heavy towels weighing your hair down. It's incredibly lightweight, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Travel-friendly: With its handy pouch, you can easily take it wherever you go. Plus, it's perfect for storing makeup or other hair care essentials.

The package contains

A hair towel, a reusable mesh bag, perfect for storage or travel and an information card.

Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap Bikini Martini


Triple-Layer Absorption

Crafted with three layers of soft microfiber terry cloth, this towel efficiently and gently absorbs water from your hair.

Reduced Drying Time

This absorbent material dries your hair faster, minimizing the need for blow drying and protecting your hair from heat damage.

Ultra-Lightweight Comfort

The material is so soft and lightweight that it gently absorbs water without pulling. Heavy towels can weigh down and damage your hair, especially when it's wet and vulnerable to breakage.

Anti-Frizz Technology

Protects your hair cuticle from damage, preventing frizz and keeping your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

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What makes this towel different from a regular one?

Regular bath towels can be harsh on your hair, especially since they are larger and heavier. Wet or damp hair is more delicate and prone to breakage, so it needs special care. Our towel is made from ultra-fine Terry microfiber, specially designed for safe and gentle hair drying. Unlike regular towels that snag and damage hair cuticles, ours glides smoothly, preventing friction and breakage. Plus, it's significantly lighter, so it won't weigh down or pull on your sensitive wet hair.

Will this towel dry my hair completely?

While this towel won't completely dry your hair, it will significantly reduce drying time (both air drying and blow drying) thanks to its ultra-absorbent material. You can remove the towel when it feels damp to the touch, indicating it's absorbed a substantial amount of water from your hair.

Can I sleep in it?

The towel's incredibly soft material and comfortable fit make it versatile for various uses, including sleeping.

Can I wash it in the washing machine?

Yes, you can. Follow the care instructions on the product label. For best results, wash the towel at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees Celsius (86°F) to prevent shrinking. Opt for a gentle washing cycle and avoid using fabric softener or bleach.

What material is it made of?

It's made of 85% polyester and 15% polyamide.

How long is the towel's elastic band?

It measures 3.5 cm, the ideal size for easily fastening the button and securing your hair.

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