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Classic Stainless Steel Razor with Replacement Double Edge Blades

The Meloni classic shaver is specially created for people with sensitive skin who experience folliculitis and irritation after shaving. Made of stainless steel, its durable material allows you to reuse it for a long time. The blade is of premium quality for a gentle and comfortable epilation that prevents ingrown hairs. Thanks to its special blade, you will have excellent control and perfect precision while shaving.


Eco-friendly & Pain-free / lifetime reusable

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2-3 days: Hungary, Bulgaria
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Prepare the skin with shaving foam or oil to make it easier for the blade to glide over the skin. Make sure that the handle and the head of the appliance are firmly attached to each other. Start shaving, forming an angle of approximately 45° between the device and the skin. Finally, wash with soap and water and dry the device before storing.
Always shave in the direction of hair growth.
Package contains
A razor, a set of 5 replacement reusable double edge blades (for 6-7 uses each).
Classic Stainless Steel Razor with Replacement Double Edge Blades


Folliculitis and irritation

If you're dealing with ingrown hairs, hyper-pigmentation, and post-shave bumps, you need a single-blade shaver.

Single blade

The device has a single blade that allows for a precise and delicate shave.The skin remains soft and smooth.

100% plastic free and recyclable

Our shaver is strong and durable to be used for a long time.

Not animal tested

We love animals and take care of them.We never test our products on animals.



Of course, you can use it all over your body.We don't recommend using it on the face because the blade is too big and you can't control the process in smaller areas.For the face we recommend our set of 4 facial blades.

Removing hair and fluff will not change its thickness, color or growth rate.Genetics and hormones are the only ones that have a real role in determining the color, thickness and rate of hair growth.

The device is specially designed not to irritate the skin and to provide the smoothest epilation without cuts.

The Meloni shaver is made to last for a very long time.It can last for years depending on maintenance.

It is recommended to change the blade after 6-7 uses.

After each use, rinse the device.Use tap water pressure on the back of the shaver head to remove hair and oil/soap.It is recommended to open it to rinse it well.Then dry it and store it in a cool dry place.Do not store it in the shower.


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