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Beauty Fridge

Store your products in a healthy and innovative way - cold temperature reduces bacteria growth and de-puffs your skin.

Discover the benefits of temperature for your beauty and skincare items and extend product shelf life.

Revolutionise your skincare storage - keep your beauty products fresher for longer, organizing all of your favorites in one place.

Beauty Stones
Roller Duo

Facial Roller Rose Quartz


The face roller stimulates the lymphatic system, helping combat water retention or skin puffiness.

Facial Roller Clear Quartz


This facial Roller promotes circulation and encourages skin cell rejuvenation.

Facial Roller Sodalit


This facial Roller encourages a healthier and improved skin tone, for a radiant complexion.

Textured Mini Roller

Energize, invigorate and restore radiance to your skin with the textured mini roller.

Textured Mini Roller Sodalit


The textured miniroller offers a deep massage that helps your skin quickly absorb your beauty products.

Gua sha

Gua Sha Rose Quartz


A Gua Sha massage releases accumulated tension in the facial muscles, due to fatigue or stress.

Gua Sha Clear Quartz


Due to its organic shape adapted to your facial bone structure, Gua Sha is a massage accessory that should not be missing from your skincare routine.

Gua Sha Sodalit


With a Gua Sha stone you can contour your cheeks and jaw, obtaining a lifting effect in a natural and healthy way.

Beauty globes

Blue Ice Globes


Turn your sensitive or irritated skin into a visibly brighter complexion. Chilled globules reduce inflammation and have an invigorating effect.

Pink Ice Globes


Enhance your personal care with a face-lifting massage, using cryo-globes together with serums, creams or facial masks.


Enjoy bouncy and healthy curls without damaging your hair or disturbing your sleep.

Go-to fix for stubborn flyaways and baby hairs that won't leave any sticky or oily residue.


*Super handy for those moments when you don't remember where you put your hair elastic

Thanks to its velcro area, the headband is adjustable in size.

With a special hole in the back, it fixes your hair, safely securing it, and protecting it from water and cosmetics.

Hair  Towels

Its unique material reduces drying time - the Terry microfiber sewn-in three layers allow to absorb water quickly but gently.

Specially designed to protect your wet hair without being too heavy or pulling it.

Due to its comfortable shape, the towel is suitable for any hair type, regardless of length.

Gift Sets

Trio Sodalit


This Trio Sodalit enhances your beauty ritual by improving overall health and radiance of the skin.

Trio Rose Quartz


Heal your body and mind with the Soothing Rose Quartz Trio set - essential tools to your everyday ritual for naturally glowing, radiant skin.

Cooling Cryo Globe Massage is good for tired eyes and headaches.

2x Cosmetic Fridge + 2x Trio


Store the natural stone massage accessories in the mini fridge for a refreshing massage.

This bundle of gadgets will revolutionize your skincare routine.

Store your massage accessories in the mini fridge and enjoy the effects of cryotherapy.

3 Gua Sha Set


The Gua Sha tool has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years due to its multiple benefits.

2 Mini Textured Rollers Set


Its texture provides an energizing massage to the skin, allowing the cream's fast absorption and action on the skin.

3 Duo Rollers Set


Its smooth surface is perfect for sensitive skin - the relaxing massage soothes the facial muscles and helps absorb the creams quickly.

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