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Comb for Detangling and Styling Curls

Finally, a comb that styles curls without damaging them! Our innovative comb has a unique design with strategically placed teeth that gently detangle and define curls, giving them a shiny, bouncy look.


defines curls/ reduces frizz/ maintains curl shape longer/ gentle detangling without pulling

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Gentle detangling: The comb's unique design with fewer, strategically placed teeth allows for gentle detangling without disrupting the curl's shape or causing breakage.

Bye-Bye Frizz: The Meloni Comb’s smart design keeps curls smooth and free from frizz, making it easy to style without any static.

Healthy curls: By minimizing breakage and promoting gentle detangling, the comb helps to keep curls healthy and strong.


This comb is not intended for detangling hair. It is specifically designed for styling curls after using the Beauty Curler. 

For best results, use on small sections of hair to detangle curls evenly.
Comb for Detangling and Styling Curls


The Meloni comb isn't designed for detangling like a regular brush. It's more like a finishing tool specifically made to style curls after you've detangled them with the Meloni Beauty Curler.

Regular brushes can cause frizz and loosen up your curl pattern, making your curls less defined. The Meloni comb, on the other hand, is a gentle stylist. The bristles are designed specifically to detangle curls without messing up their shape.

Yes, the Meloni comb should work well with all kinds of curls, whether they're tight and springy or looser and wavy. But remember, it's best for styling already-detangled curls, especially those styled with the Meloni Beauty Curler.


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