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Bamboo Hairbrush

Struggle with scalp irritation? Our bamboo brush (FSC-certified!) is your answer. Natural bamboo fights bacteria, keeping your scalp healthy and itch-free. Plus, the gentle, rounded bristles detangle like a dream, even for tough knots, without pulling or breakage.

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1-2 days: Romania
2-3 days: Hungary, Bulgaria
4-7 days: Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece

  • Bamboo is a super strong and water-resistant material, making this brush a long-lasting choice for your hair care routine.
  • Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows super fast! This makes it a friendly choice for the environment. Unlike plastic brushes, bamboo doesn't break down into tiny plastic pieces that can harm our planet.
  • Many people find that bamboo bristles are softer than plastic bristles. This means they're gentler on your scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Antibacterial properties: Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties that help keep your scalp clean and healthy, reducing irritation and itchiness.
  • Healthy hair: Regular brushing with your bamboo brush stimulates blood circulation in your scalp. This helps create a healthy environment for your hair to grow strong and beautiful.
  • Relaxing: The gentle massaging action of the brush helps relax your scalp, easing tension and leaving you feeling refreshed.
  • 0 frizz: Bamboo's natural anti-static properties fight frizz and flyaways. This leaves your hair feeling smooth, manageable, and shiny!
How to use 

Always brush with soft strokes, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. This prevents pulling or breakage. For a smooth detangling experience, apply a leave-in styling product before brushing.

If you want a relaxing scalp massage, apply gentle pressure as you brush, using the same soft strokes. This helps stimulate circulation for healthy hair growth.

Bamboo Hairbrush


What hair types is this brush suitable for? Can I use it on wet hair?

This brush is suitable for all hair types, whether you have fine, thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair. The flexible bamboo bristles gently detangle even the most stubborn knots without breaking or pulling your hair. However, we recommend using this brush on dry hair for detangling and scalp massage. For wet hair, reach for our specially designed Detangler Brush.

Will this bamboo hairbrush be harsh on my hair?

Not at all! Unlike conventional plastic brushes that can cause static, frizz, and breakage, bamboo is a gentler, hair-loving material. Just as our skin responds better to natural fabrics like organic cotton, our hair benefits from the natural properties of bamboo.

What should I do with my old bamboo hairbrush?

Your bamboo hairbrush can last for decades with proper care. Bamboo is a strong and durable material, and the brush is designed for daily use. If you decide to dispose of your bamboo hairbrush, it is 100% compostable.

Can I use this bamboo brush if I have a sensitive scalp or allergies?

Absolutely! Bamboo hairbrushes are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive scalps. The natural bamboo bristles are gentle, reducing the risk of scalp irritation and allergies.

How often should I clean my bamboo hairbrush?

It is recommended to remove hair, dust, and dirt after each use. For a deeper clean, wash the brush once a month or as needed. This involves removing all hair and dirt, washing the bristles with mild shampoo or dish soap, rinsing, and air drying with the bristles facing down. It is crucial to ensure it dries completely to prevent mold or bacteria growth.

Why does it look like there's a missing bristle on my bamboo hairbrush?

The small hole is actually a drainage hole in case the brush gets wet. This hole allows it to drain to prevent water buildup.