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Return policy

1. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Contract, namely to return a Product or to cancel a Service, within 14 calendar days, without claiming any reason and without incurring any costs other than delivery costs. Thus, according to GEO 34/2014, the period for returning a Product or cancelling a Service expires within 14 days from:

• the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Product - if the Buyer places a single order for multiple Products to be delivered separately.

• the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Product or part - in the case of delivery of a Product consisting of several lots or parts.

2. In case of enforcing the legal right to return the product, the refund will be made within a maximum of 14 days from the date of notification of the return decision, to the bank account provided by the customer in the return form. Thus, the refund will only be made to the account received by written confirmation from the Buyer.

3. The amount will be returned as follows:

3.1. for Orders paid by bank card -> by refund to the bank account specified in the return form.

3.2. for Orders paid cash on delivery/cash in showroom -> by returning the cash in showroom or by returning the product value to the bank account specified in the return form.

4. If the Buyer decides to withdraw from the Contract, the Buyer must complete in writing the Return Form which can be found on the Website under the Order Details section of the Customer Account (My Account). Once the request has been processed, the Buyer will be contacted by phone for the rest of the details and will then receive confirmation of the Return Request.

5. The return form must be completed no later than the last calendar day of the return period listed on the product presentation page of the Website. The return period starts from the date of receipt of the product. Forms completed after this period are no longer valid.

6. The response time for return requests is 3 working days from the time of registration. The product requested for return will be collected from the address requested by the Customer.

7. The products must be returned in new condition and accompanied by all accessories, original documents (invoice, tax receipt, data sheet, user manual, warranty certificate), well packaged and protected during transport.

8. Products offered as gifts must also be returned in new condition. Otherwise, they will be invoiced at the price displayed on the Website and their value will be deducted from the difference to be refunded.

Please note: If you have bought several products of the same kind and wish to return them all, only one of the products can be unsealed, the rest of the products can only be accepted if they are sealed.

10. If the Customer/Buyer requests withdrawal from the Contract within the legal withdrawal period, he/she must also return any gifts that accompanied the product.

11. The Seller may postpone reimbursement until the Products sold have been received and inspected.

12. The Customer is informed that if the products to be returned show signs of wear, damage, stains, excessive use, nicks, scratches, hits, mechanical or, where applicable, electrical shocks, missing accessories, missing warranty certificates, and cannot be resold as a new product, a fee will be charged to cover the difference in price between a new product and a product already used. The Seller reserves the right to decide to accept the return or to withhold an amount from the value of the product, which will be communicated after the damage has been assessed.

Reduction in the value of Returned Products

13. Since, in the case of distance sales, the Buyer does not have the possibility to check the Products before the conclusion of the contract, he/she has the right to withdraw from the contract. For the same reason, the Buyer is allowed to test and check the Products he/she has purchased to the extent necessary in order to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products.

14. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the Products, the Buyer must handle and inspect them in the same manner as it would be permitted to do in an actual physical store. The Buyer shall only be liable for any diminution in the value of the Products resulting from handling it other than in the way necessary to determine the nature, qualities and functioning of the Products.

15. If the Buyer enforces the right of withdrawal after having used the Products to an extent that exceeds the limit necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and functioning, the Buyer shall be liable for any reduction in the value of the Products.

16. The accessories (user manuals, cables, brochures, certificates, etc.) contained in the box of the Product and its original packaging are an integral part of the Product. As a result, the Buyer undertakes, when enforcing his right of withdrawal from the contract, to return the Product in its original undamaged packaging, protected by wrapping it with stretch plastic wrap or packed in a cardboard box (without labels stuck on it, without cuts, tears, etc.) and together with all its accessories.

17. Returned products showing signs of wear and tear (stains, scratches, bends, cracks, hits, etc.) will be accepted only after they have been made compliant, involving the costs of sanitising, cosmetising, repairing, replacing any damaged parts and bringing them back to a commercial form for sale as a Reconditioned/ Resealed product. The final value is determined based on the value of the parts to be replaced and the labour for reconditioning or as the difference between the original value of the new product and the resale value of the used product.

18. Any reduction in the value of the Products resulting from their handling, in a manner other than that necessary to determine the nature, qualities and functioning of the Products, is the responsibility of the Buyer. For clarity, from the total price of the returned Product, the Seller shall deduct an amount representing the reduction in value of the Product in the proportion of maximum 30% of the original value of the Product, as the case may be. The value reduction will also be charged for products whose packaging has been damaged or destroyed. The amount of the reduction fee will be justified and communicated to the Buyer upon receipt of the returned Products.

1 The money will be returned within 14 days from the date of the return decision, to the bank account provided by the Client in the return form.

20. Because the product was part of a promotion, only by associating it with the other products, the discounts/bonuses offered in the original order are cancelled. The prices of the products retained by the Customer shall revert to the value prior to the application of the discount, obtained by association in the order with the product to be returned. The amount to be returned to the Customer shall be equal to the difference between the amount paid by the Customer and the original price of the retained products (without the discount applied for product accumulation).

Return of defective products

21. If you return a product within the 14-day period that you believe to be defective, it must be returned and you must opt for either a return or warranty claim. Once we receive the product, we will carry out an inspection and notify you of this.Complaints about appearance, colour, texture do not constitute a defect.

22. You are responsible for the integrity of the products during transport of the returned products. The consumer is responsible only for any reduction in the value of the products resulting from handling it, other than in the way necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products, in accordance with S.14 (3) of the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014.

*A report of finding is drawn up on receipt of the returned product and photographs are taken to prove the reduction in value (if applicable).

Recommendations on the packaging of products sent for warranty purposes

23 The products marketed on this Site are products that may be fragile and breakable which is why, when they are submitted for warranty, we recommend proper packaging so that they arrive intact and safely in the possession of the Seller. The buyer is not obliged to keep the original packaging during the warranty period, but we recommend the products to be wrapped and packaged in order to be avoid their displacement inside the packaging.

24. Always use packaging of a size appropriate to the size and weight of the products transported. The products must not move inside the box. There must be a space of 5-6 cm between the product and the walls of the box, which must be filled with either foil or polystyrene flakes to reduce the shock in the event of an impact. Fill the space with polystyrene flakes or newspaper.

If more than one product is transported in a single box, make sure they are well separated from each other by protective packaging such as cardboard collars, polystyrene, bubble wrap.

We recommend packaging these products either in shockproof envelopes or in cardboard boxes and protecting them additionally with bubble wrap and tape.

25. We recommend using the following types of packaging

  • Pressed cardboard box, filled with polystyrene flakes and sealed with protective film
  • Cardboard box + bubble wrap, for protection against scratches, shocks.
  • Cardboard box with 3 or 5 layers + polystyrene flakes for filling empty spaces + bubble wrap for shock protection.
  • Cardboard box filled with polystyrene boards/expanded foam and polystyrene flakes.

The shipment of products under warranty can be done through our partner courier companies, by requesting the pick-up of the product from the beneficiary or by other shipping methods. When handing over the parts under warranty to the courier company, please communicate us in writing, by email, the AWB number generated by the courier company, for processing it in the system.