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Bye Bye Baby Hairs Invisible szempillaspirál a sima hajért

Looking for perfect, sleek and effortless hair? This invisible mascara is a quick fix solution for rebellious hair or forehead fuzz, also known as baby hairs. Its formula offers a lasting fixation, for a spectacularly neat effect.


Does not leave hair hard / Holds your hair in place all day / All hair types

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Bye Bye Baby Hairs Invisible szempillaspirál a sima hajért
Hajszempillaspirál + szalicilsav szérum 2%

1x Rimel incolor pentru fixarea parului
1x Ser acid salicilic 2%

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1-2 days: Romania
2-3 days: Hungary, Bulgaria
4-7 days: Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece

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Minimális leírás
Bye Bye Baby Hairs Invisible szempillaspirál a sima hajért
Not tested on animals
Dermatologically tested
Hydrates the hair
Does not weigh down the hair


for your hair

the mascara dries quickly and leaves hair moisturized and silky

does not make the hair greasy

does not leave white traces

doesn't weigh hair down like a hairspray



You can really see the difference, and I like the fact that the result persists after many hours ✨❤️




A very good product, I also tried it on my eyebrows and it works great!




I love it! It's super easy to use and I like that the product is gentle on my hair, without weighing it down.



Cel mai bun produs pentru firele rebele pe care l-am testat!




Of course! Keep in mind that curly or wavy hair needs a slightly higher amount of substance compared to straight hair in order to achieve the same result.

This is your The results depend on the type of hair and its thickness, but most customers claim a lasting effect of up to 12 hours. answer.

Ez yNem, ez a fixáló szempillaspirál nem dúsítja a hajat. A hatás a folyékony formájú hajlakkhoz hasonlítható, mégis bársonyos tapintást kölcsönöz a hajnak. Közvetlenül a felhordás után érezni fogja, hogy a szálak enyhén nedvesek, de perceken belül kiszáradnak és rögzítettek maradnak. válaszunk.

This If you use the product daily, it will last you for 4-6 weeks, depending on the amount applied.is your answer.

This is Bye Bye Baby Hairs was dermatologically tested and does harm neither hair nor skin.your answer.

It is recommended to keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Its size is perfect for your makeup bag or handbag.

Yes, the mascara has a subtle yet fruity flower aroma.

This product can be applied to any type of hair at any time.

Its substance is transparent which means that it is perfectly applied to any hair color.

Of course, anyone can use it.


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