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Say goodbye to rebellious, frizzy hair

Say goodbye to rebellious, frizzy hair

We all face unruly hair or the so-called baby fluff on the forehead at some point in our lives... especially after pregnancy or after a vitamin cure for hair growth. Although they can be a sign of hair health and regeneration, they can have an unsightly appearance when we want an elegant or sleek look.

How many haven't put their hair up in a ponytail during the summer, only to see hundreds of tiny unruly hairs escaping their perfect hairstyle sneakily because their forehead would sweat? Yep, we all know this all too well.

At Meloni, we focus on finding solutions to women's care or beautification problems. We are delighted to present you the most innovative solution for these unprinted baby yarns.

Colorless Hair Mascara - Fixes frizz and baby hairs. Take it with you anywhere and make sure your look remains well-groomed throughout the day.

What makes this hair mascara so one-of-a-kind?

It does not make the hair greasy! Fixing sprays load the hair and provide that crusty effect. That’s why it was crucial for us to develop a formula that leaves your hair dry and clean. You can reapply it several times a day, and in the evening, after brushing your hair, you might discover that it is not greasy!

Vegan and dermatologically tested - We know that applying the most natural and clean cosmetics on your skin and hair is essential, so we hope you will also love this clean and safe formula. Recommended for any hair or skin type.

Not tested on animals.

Lasts up to 7 hours - Depending on the hair type, you will need to apply a different amount of product.


Portable and easily transportable

Another important aspect is the hair mascara’s brush - With two types of bristles to facilitate the product application on any hair type - short or medium. And because it is colorless, it can be used on any hair color. After application, wait 5-10 minutes for the substance to dry completely, and you will notice that the unruly strands have been completely fixed. Don't worry about the wind outside. The substance of this mascara to style unruly hair strands is strong enough to last up to 5-7 hours. Just make sure it doesn't rain because the water will wash it off and won't stay fixed.

Use this colorless mascara to fix your hair at any time! Whether it’s after washing your hair or a few days after the last wash. The effects are the same, and the product works just as well. You will immediately convince yourself that it is the best hair mascara after use.

And if you want to use this mascara for both your hair and your eyebrows, this product is ideal! It offers a laminating effect that lasts the entire day! Transparent hair mascaras are the best solution for a finished and unique look and save you in any situation.

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