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Reasons to massage with natural stone accessories

Reasons to massage with natural stone accessories

In recent years, natural stone beauty accessories have started to gain more and more popularity on the Romanian beauty scene, as their benefits were starting to be discovered. In this article, we discuss not only the importance of facial massage and the role of this practice in the care and maintenance of your skin, but also about the benefits of a natural stone massage.

What are the benefits of a facial massage?

Facial massage can be done in a professional setting, at the Spa, but you can also practice it in your own home. Facial massage has several important benefits:

  • It relaxes the muscles of the face - although it is normal to massage the muscles of one leg or the back when it hurts, many of us tend to forget that the face is also made up of muscles. Regular massage helps to relax the facial muscles, but also to improve medical conditions. For example, if you suffer from pain (head, neck, jaw), but also other conditions such as sinusitis, facial massage relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation.
  • Stimulates circulation - for cosmetic purposes, facial massage is a great favorite because it encourages circulation, and this contributes to the condition of the skin. Fresh blood relieves certain dermatological conditions (such as acne), but also helps maintain a youthful look, as it encourages the production of collagen and elastin in the skin (thus eliminating wrinkles).
  • Lymph drainage - another advantage of facial massage is lymphatic drainage. This involves performing specific movements to release the lymph (the fluid full of toxins from the lymphatic system) to the outside, expelling it from the tissues.

Advantages of Using Natural Stone Accessories

So, bottom line is: we need to incorporate facial massage into our daily beauty routine. But what is the purpose of natural stone, unlike other care products?

Facial massage with natural stone comes from traditional Chinese medicine, where small stones were used to eliminate health problems (muscle ailments, pain) and to achieve a smooth and bright complexion.

Natural stone massage is far superior to plastic accessory massage for several reasons:

  • Proper pressure - the weight of the natural stone provides a suitable pressure on the skin to start lymphatic drainage and blood stimulation, without tormenting the skin;
  • It does not release harmful substances - an important benefit of natural stone is that it does not contain chemicals or harmful substances that can affect your health;
  • Hot/cold effect - low temperature leads to vasoconstriction, which means that less blood reaches the skin. Thus, when the temperature rises again, there is a flow of blood to the skin, which gives that much desired glow to the skin. From this point of view, natural stone is ideal for massage because it can be cooled or heated, as needed, easily and quickly.
  • It has positive energies - This is the reason why, in Chinese medicine, natural stones were used to treat ailments, because they were loaded with positive and revitalizing energies, which are transferred to you during the massage.

What different types of accessories can you use?

Wondering which natural stone accessory is right for you? Well, each has its own unique advantages.

  1. Gua Sha

Due to its unique shape, the Gua Sha stone facilitates facial massage with both larger and narrower parts for massaging each area of ​​the face. A Gua Sha massage , unlike the roller, offers more control over the pressure and movement, but also a stronger contour.

  1. Facial roller

The facial roller is easier to handle because the stone moves easily over the facial muscles. Equipped with a smaller, delicate end for the eye area and a larger one for the rest of the face, the facial roller is an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

  1. Textured mini roller

Last but not least, a textured Mini Roller offers a more intense facial massage. It better stimulates blood circulation and encourages deep absorption of oils and creams.

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