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Looking for healthy curls with minimal effort?

Looking for healthy curls with minimal effort?

Most women will be faced with the problem of having to do their hair at some point in their day. We all want a beautiful and well-groomed mane, whether wavy or straight, but at the same time, it is practically impossible for us to go to the hairdresser for that picture-perfect blowout every day. Of course, there are procedures you can carry out at home to get the much-desired look, yet most of the time, they involve damaging technologies, and in the long-term run, your hair's health suffers. We need patience and time for any procedure we carry out on our own, yet we sometimes lack both.

But with the Meloni Heatless Curler, you will have found your solution for bouncy, neat hair that remains undamaged and perfectly styled in less than 10 minutes! Introducing the Beauty Curler, an innovative styling method that will remove bad hair days from the vocabulary of any woman!


Heatless Beauty Curler that does not burn the hair

This curling iron differs from the classic curling iron we usually plug into the socket; this microfiber beauty curler does not heat up and, thus, does not burn the hair. Made out of microfiber, it is pleasant and highly comfortable to maneuver.

Comfortable to sleep with

For the hair to have enough time to take shape and the curls to have a super-defined appearance, we recommend using it for at least 5-7 hours. Girls who want loose curls have the option of wearing them for 2-4 hours, but for those who want a defined look, the best option is to wear it at night.

Of course, we know how difficult it is to get rest with an accessory in your hair, such as curlers; it’s almost impossible, and we will never tell you to sacrifice your beauty sleep for a hairstyle. But our accessory is unique because its microfiber is soft enough to be used even while sleeping.


"How do I sleep with this? I barely felt it... it's like I fell asleep on some soft pillows!" - Carmen

The kit contains unique accessories for easy and quick use

The textile curling kit contains a melon curler, two clips for holding, two small elastics, and two large satin elastics. All these accessories were designed to make the braiding process easier. You can fix the curl on the middle of the head with the help of hairpins, so you don't have to worry about it slipping while you braid the hair.

How effective is it?

If you follow our instructions, we guarantee ultra-luscious curls! You must consider the following:

  1. The hair must always be freshly washed when applying the curler. Washed hair is hydrated hair, which can take shape immediately after braiding.
  1. The hair must be at least 90% dry, so only very lightly damp. If the hair is wet when twisting the strands on the curler, it will not have time to dry, and when you take the curler down, the curls will not last and will eventually fall.
  1. The strands of hair must be braided as tightly as possible around the curling accessory without heat - the hair needs to take the shape of the curler while you wear it, and only through tight braiding will you be able to achieve results.

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