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Is it advisable for women to shave their facial hair?

Is it advisable for women to shave their facial hair?

Fluff or tiny hairs above the lip and on other areas of the face can cause irregular makeup that doesn’t sit well. Or, in other cases, the threads can be darker in color and more visible, causing insecurity. In such scenarios, the only solution would be for the woman to shave her face to achieve radiance, a perfect makeup, and other benefits for the skin.

Is it advisable for women to shave their facial hair?

Dermatologists say, it is. Shaving does not involve the painful side effects of other hair removal techniques. It also has an exfoliating effect, which is excellent for removing dead skin cells.

Why should we shave?

When we shave our facial hair, several beneficial processes for our skin take place that has the following benefits: 

Benefit #1: A smoother and cleaner base for your foundation

The fluff catches the foundation and prevents the makeup from settling evenly, which, in turn, causes flaking and overloads the entire make-up look. Vogue specifies that most make-up artists and beauty influencers use facial hair-shaving techniques before applying makeup for a poreless effect– the pores are masked, giving a smooth and uniform appearance. Anti-dark circles and foundations blend perfectly without falling on the facial fluff. Shaving your facial hair removes a barrier between makeup and skin, turning the skin into a flawless base for products.

Benefit #2: Better absorption of your skin care products

Dust, dirt, and oil can remain trapped in the facial hair, creating a barrier of dead cells that doesn’t allow the active ingredients in the cosmetics to penetrate the skin sufficiently, impeding the desired results. When you shave your facial hair, a mini peeling removes the layer of dead skin cells and allows the products to work. When there are no hairs and dead cells, the skincare routine becomes increasingly effective.

Benefit #3: Skin exfoliation

Each shave exfoliates the skin and removes the layer of dead cells that accumulate due to pollution, dust, and bacteria. It is one of the most essential benefits of shaving that other methods of hair removal do not offer. Azadeh Shirazi, cosmetic dermatologist, mentions: "Shaving facial hair is a much deeper exfoliation treatment... the removal of dead skin cells allows cosmetic products to penetrate the skin better, thus becoming more effective. It also allows the make-up to settle more evenly and the skin to look very smooth."

Benefit #4: promotes collagen production

Esthetician Dr. Michael Prage says: “In terms of anti-aging practices, facial shaving has a powerful effect. It acts like a light microdermabrasion, encouraging collagen production and reducing wrinkles. Whenever there is trauma to the skin, the stimulation of collagen helps to renew the cells. This is why men have fewer wrinkles than women."

Benefit #5: glowing and healthy skin

The tiny hairs on the face capture most of the dirt and pollution from the environment, leading to the skin's lack of radiance. The skin's natural glow is hidden behind the layer of dead cells that darkens the complexion. Facial shaving with a mustache trimmer and hair removal brings out that natural glow overshadowed by the layer of dead skin. Your skin will look and feel radiant, smooth, and soft. Also, you too will enjoy all the benefits of skincare products.

Ways to get the best results after using facial blades

Should women shave their faces even if they risk cutting themselves? First, there is no risk if you use the right tools and techniques.

Moisturize and clean the skin before using the facial blade to prepare it for shaving.

Use the shaver inclined at 45 degrees to the surface of the skin.

Use the facial trimmer blade set on small portions, through light movements, without applying pressure.

Do not apply makeup immediately after shaving to avoid skin irritation.

After shaving, use a moisturizing cream.



What is the best part of facial shaving? It is simple, convenient, and easy to do on your own. Trimmer for facial care helps to remove hair fluff and layers of dead skin. Make-up is applied more evenly, and the skin enjoys an anti-aging effect by stimulating collagen production. Shaving the face with a women's facial trimmer should be part of the care routine of any woman who cares about her skin and wants to uplevel her beauty routine.

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