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If I shave my facial hair, it will grow back– Myths & Science

If I shave my facial hair, it will grow back– Myths & Science

When women hear the subject of facial shaving blades, the question that persists is: “if I shave my face will my hair grow thicker?” This myth subconsciously occupies a space inside the mind of any woman. Facial shaving has wonderful benefits, but myths prevent women from reaping those results. The time has come to demolish some of these myths with the help of scientific data and we invite as many women as possible to feel comfortable with facial shaving.

Myth #1: Shaved facial hair will grow back thicker and darker 

Dr. Schultz, NYC dermatologist, explains: "This myth exists because people confuse the slightly dull feeling of the tip of the new hair that grows "more frequently" with the new hair, which has not yet contacted the sun and is about to be a little discolored to be darker".

Scientific facts about Myth #1

Genetics and hormones are the only ones that play a fundamental role in determining the color, thickness, and rate of hair growth. Facial shaving only cuts the hair on the skin's surface; thus, he cannot influence the hair follicles under the skin, where the real growth begins.

Myth #2: The direction in which you shave does not matter

It matters. To prevent cuts or wounds, you must shave only in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, you risk even getting hair under your skin.

Scientific facts about Myth #2

Facial shaving in the direction of hair growth is safe and risk-free.

Myth #3: Using shaving foam or soap has the same outcome

Preparing the face is the first step in the shaving process. People think that soapy water will help them have smooth and prepared skin. It is a myth because soap is not a good option.

Scientific facts about Myth #3

The facial blade needs a smooth surface to slide and not injure you. In this case, shaving foam or oil are the ones that can offer you such a soothing. They retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated, unlike soap, which dries your skin after shaving.

Myth #4: Laser is the best way to remove facial hair

The laser can be a long-term method of removing unwanted hair, but its results are never guaranteed. You are also warned about side effects, you need to follow specific rules before the session strictly, and it is expensive.

Scientific facts about Myth #4

Laser treatment is not practical for the facial area. The hair fluff has no intense pigment and does not allow the laser to give the best results.

Myth #5: Facial hair will grow faster

This is not true and has been disproved by scientists worldwide. It is concluded that facial shaving does not affect the growth rate and hair thickness.

Scientific facts about myth #5

It takes about a month for body hair to reach its maximum length. The hair growth journey begins in the hair follicles. When we shave facial hair, the thread under the skin remains untouched and does not affect the hair follicles.


Shaving with a facial razor blade is a cheap, risk-free, and painless method of hair removal, which is considered taboo. Most celebrities who flaunt their skin on the internet shave off their hair and look gorgeous. Many use such devices for more sensitive areas, such as the nose and shave with a nose trimmer or the eyebrow area with a set of specific trimmer blades. Marilyn Monroe was one of the celebrities proud of their skin after using a face trimmer blade set.

Shaving your face as a woman is normal, and the hair does not grow thicker or darker in color. The time has come to normalize facial shaving for women. With a micro shaver, we give women the confidence to feel as comfortable as possible with their choices. After all, self-care is more important than what people think about a specific subject.

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