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How to shave your facial hair at home: Tips & Tricks

How to shave your facial hair at home: Tips & Tricks

Facial shaving for women has survived controversial discussions and demolished all myths with scientific data. Women no longer hesitate to take a blade with them wherever they go. It has become routine.

Facial hair is usually invisible and bleached or blond, but it is more visible in some people. Women can accept living with it or decide to get rid of it; both choices are normal.

Deciding to shave the face is a very different process from body shaving. For the best results, For the face, you have to be extremely careful and use the right tools to get the best results. In this article, we show you the proper steps to follow and how to shave your facial hair correctly (for women).

Step 1: Washing and cleaning

Facial shaving must be as clean and hygienic a process as possible to avoid getting infected or irritated. The first step is to clean your face with a delicate cleansing gel that does not dry out your skin. After massaging the gel into the skin, rinse with plain water.

Dust and grease, impurities that accumulate in the form of dead cells, a layer that leads to blocked pores, acne, and comedones, are trapped in the facial hair. Washing and rinsing the face will ensure that no more impurities remain on the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliation

"Gentle exfoliation before shaving can release hair that has grown under the skin and is stuck there," explains dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. Exfoliate the skin with a delicate scrub to remove the layer of dead cells. This step will ensure the blade is not loaded with dead cells during shaving.

Step 3: Hydration

Hydration opens the pores, softens the hair, and makes facial shaving more comfortable. It allows the razor blade to glide gently and remove hair without applying too much pressure on the blade. Less pressure means fewer cuts or wounds. It is best to shave while showering or immediately after. But if you choose to shave at another time of the day, it is recommended that you use a small towel soaked in warm water and apply it to your skin for 3-5 minutes to soften the hair.

Step 4: Use shaving foam/gel

Dry shaving causes friction and, thus, irritations, cuts and burns. The shaving gel reduces the friction between the skin and the blade by lubricating the area. At the same time, it facilitates the correct direction of the blade to avoid crossing the same surface twice. Essential oils are also an excellent option.

Step 5: Use short strokes

Position the blade at a 45-degree angle. Then, pull the skin towards you and use the lightest and shortest movements.

Facial hair grows in different directions. Always use the blade in the direction of hair growth and never the other way around to avoid cutting yourself or causing in-grows.

When shaving the area around the lips, cover the upper lip with your finger by pulling it, so that you have full access to the upper part. Use gentle movements without applying too much pressure on the blade.

Avoid using the blade more than twice on the same area to avoid irritation.

Always use a razor designed for facial shaving. Razor blades for women are designed for precision and delicate results. They are entirely different from those for the body or those for men.

Step 6: Rinse and hydrate

Wash the shaved hairs left on the skin with warm water and wipe the face with a wet cloth. Remember to use an emulsion or a moisturizing cream immediately after drying your face. Do not use products that contain alcohol because they dry the skin and irritate it.

Shaving tricks– Women's edition.

If it's the first time you do this, you might find it difficult, but don't worry! I have prepared these tips to help you get the best results when doing a facial at home.

Never use soap before shaving because it dries the skin and loses its natural hydration. Always use shaving gel because it does not irritate and is much more moisturizing than soap.

Use a razor blade specially designed for facial shaving. When you want to shave other body parts, use a different blade. And for eyebrows, use the small eyebrow trimmer blade.

While shaving, use short and light movements and apply the least possible pressure on the blade.

If you have itching, irritation, or ingrown hairs, give them time to heal before shaving. Do not use the blade on these areas or areas with acne.

Try to use a blade sparingly - a maximum of 4-5 uses is recommended. If the blade's tip is blunt, you can cut yourself.

Every 2-3 movements, clean the facial blade with purified water to remove dead cells and hair remnants from the blade.



Yes, women also shave their facial hair. Especially when looking to get rid of the fluff and that they have smooth skin before applying cosmetics or makeup. Facial shaving is painless, and women can do it at home with these facial care devices. Facial shaving with mustache trimmer blades has no side effects, but it has incredible benefits!

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