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How often should I shave my facial hair as a woman?

How often should I shave my facial hair as a woman?

Genetics and hormones are the ones who have their say in determining the color, thickness, and rate of hair growth, factors that can vary from person to person. As facial shaving is a personal choice, so is how many times you should shave. 

Knowing your skin type and hair growth rate can help you often decide to use the facial blade. However, there should be a break between two shaving sessions to give your skin a chance to recover and heal. There are many questions about facial shaving in women, so we will try to answer as many as possible in this article.

Is there a limit to how often we should shave?

Hair grows on average by 0.5mm per day; body hair grows by 0.27mm per day. The rate of hair growth differs depending on the body area. Facial hair follows a growth cycle that determines its growth rate. Women with a faster growth rate may choose to shave almost daily, while others may shave once a week.

Dr. Dray, the dermatologist, says: “Removing facial hair by shaving will not become a daily activity. It will be something you do once a week or twice." Facial shaving exfoliates the skin layer of dead cells, so shaving daily will not be fitting, as the skin isn’t given enough time to heal until the next session. Ideally, maintain a break of at least 2-3 days between sessions to avoid skin irritation or itching.

When should I NOT shave my facial hair?

Facial shaving is not recommended for people who:

  • suffer from active acne - if you have moderate acne, you should avoid using the facial blade on areas with breakouts. Rubbing on acne areas can transfer the bacteria from one side of the face to another. People with severe acne should altogether avoid facial shaving.
  • they have open wounds or ingrown hairs - in this case, you should wait for them to heal before shaving. Otherwise, you risk getting irritated or infected.
  • have itching or shaving burns - any red or inflamed area signals that the skin is not ready for shaving. Give it time to recover.

How often should I change the blades?

The dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah recommends changing the blade as often as possible to avoid bacteria or fungi development. After a few uses, the tip of the micro shaver blade dulls and can pull hair when you shave, increasing the risk of developing ingrown hairs or cutting yourself.


How often a woman should shave her facial hair with an eyebrow trimmer blade set is a personal decision. It all depends on how well you know your hair growth cycle. If this is a fast one, you have to shave more often, and if the rate is regular, shaving weekly or every two weeks is the best. Remember to avoid areas with acne, wounds, or itching altogether. Facial skin is delicate and prone to infections. Clean the women's facial trimmer blade before and after each use and make sure your hands and skin are clean before shaving.

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