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Diversity in all shapes and colors

Diversity in all shapes and colors

What does Meloni mean?

Meloni symbolizes peace and homeliness, a moment of freedom.

We believe in the importance of these moments, as peace and relaxation offer energy to enjoy a new day. Though they are different for every woman, they are essential in everyone's life. These moments of relaxation define our self-image, shape our relationship with others and help us take care of them, through the care we first give ourselves.

Our products

Discover our care products especially chosen to induce states of naturalness, confidence and courage,  promoting daily self care and relaxation— so as not to forget your essential needs and the fact that you deserve a break, devoted only to you.

My selfcare routine has become a burden...

We know how you feel, we've been through it, too. Sometimes you are so tired that any self care routine leaves you feeling exhausted and like giving up. At other times, you fail to see the desired results and you get discouraged. For this very reason, we want to improve this routine and turn it into a moment of complete relaxation, a moment in your own company that you look forward to. We aim to provide unforgettable experiences that unites all women through their facial and body care routine. Meloní is where you find diversity in all its shapes and colors, it’s the place to find yourself easily— we all use skincare gadgets and we like to take care of our skin.

Taking care of your skin—the highest form of respect

Whether young or mature skin, stretched or dry, taking care of your skin is the highest form of respect and act of self love we encourage you to make. To take care of it properly, we offer products such as our mini cosmetic refrigerators and facial massage devices, hand selected for women meant to enhance the experience - resulting in a smoother and brighter skin, improving dark circles, under-eye bags or post-acne scars through cryotherapy.

Yet our skincare products are not what defines who we are or what we want to become as a brand, but rather, the women we want to connect with.

The women in our community

And because we trust our customers, we believe in their voice. We believe that this community can inspire women to help each other make the right choices.

The reviews of the women in our community will help you learn more about us and find out which products are best for your routine. Your honesty matters because it can help other women make the right choice.

Your opinion matters

By joining the Melonì community, you will be able to improve your personal care experience and help other women get the best care.

And because we want a lasting relationship with the women in our community, we set out to bring as many unique products as possible in the near future. Let this be a never-ending holiday.

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