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Cosmetic Spa Headband Bikini Martini

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The multi-functional cosmetic headband keeps your hair in place and protects it when you wash your face, apply cream or put on make-up. Equipped with a special hole at the back, ideal for keeping the hair tight to avoid reaching the face.

To accommodate various sizes, you can easily adjust its length with the help of the velcro area.

- protects and keeps hair clean from water drops;
- fixes hair tight to the back;
- ultra-soft and absorbent material that it does not electrify the hair;
- adjustable size.

Headband length: 62.5 cm
Cleaning: can be washed both manually and in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
The package contains: a cosmetic headband, a reusable mesh bag perfect for storage or travel and a card with information.

*Super handy for those moments when you don't remember where you put your hair elastic.




skincare / makeup / spa
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1. Fix

Pass the hair through the back hole. It will fix the hair during the use by protecting it.

2. Adjust

Once you have stretched the ribbon along the forehead, fasten the velcro depending on the desired size.


Is the headband extensible?

The material of the headband is soft, semi-extensible and can accommodate circumferences up to 63 cm due to the velcro area.

How long is the velcro area?

It is 10 cm long.

How wide is the back hole for the hair?

It is 8 cm long.

Can I wash it in the washing machine?

Yes, if you follow the instructions on the product label. For example, the headband should not be washed at temperatures above 30 degrees as it may shrink. You should select a gentle wash cycle and not use conditioner or bleach.

Can I sleep with it?

The headband has an extremely soft material and a comfortable cut, making it is suitable for use anywhere and for a variety of purposes.

What material is it made of?

85% polyester and 15% polyamide.
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