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netestat-pe-animale (1)
Vegan & Cruelty Free
testat-dermatologic (1)
Dermatologically tested
hidrateaza-firul-de-par (1)
Hydrating & Nourishing
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Does not Make hair Greasy
hidrateaza-firul-de-par (1)
Hydrating & Nourishing

nu-ingrasa-parul (1)
Does not Make hair Greasy


for your hair

  • the mascara dries quickly and leaves hair moisturized and silky
  • does not make the hair greasy
  • does not leave white traces
  • doesn't weigh hair down like a hairspray

You can really see the difference, and I like the fact that the result persists after many hours ✨❤️


A very good product, I also tried it on my eyebrows and it works great!


I love it! It's super easy to use and I like that the product is gentle on my hair, without weighing it down.



Does it work on any hair type?

Of course! Keep in mind that curly or wavy hair needs a slightly higher amount of substance compared to straight hair in order to achieve the same result.

How long will the rebellious hair strands stay in place after you apply the product?

 The results depend on the type of hair and its thickness, but most customers claim a lasting effect of up to 12 hours.

Will my hair feel oily after applying the product?

No, this fixing mascara does not thicken the hair. The effect is comparable to a hairspray in liquid form, yet it adds a velvety touch to the hair. Immediately after application, you will feel the threads slightly damp, but they will dry out within minutes and will remain fixed.

How many uses do I get out of one tube?

If you use the product daily, it will last you for 4-6 weeks, depending on the amount applied.

Can it irritate your hair or your skin?

Bye Bye Baby Hairs was dermatologically tested and does harm neither hair nor skin.

Where should I store this product?

It is recommended to keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Its size is perfect for your makeup bag or handbag.

Does the product have a scent?

Yes, the mascara has a subtle yet fruity flower aroma.

Should it be applied only to freshly washed hair?

This product can be applied to any type of hair at any time.

What color is this mascara?

Its substance is transparent which means that it is perfectly applied to any hair color.

Can it also be used on children's hair?

Of course, anyone can use it.

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header 3 lets talk hair
  • Wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair and therefore breaks more easily. But what exactly happens to hair when washed?

  • When in contact with moisture or heat, the hair cuticles grow and swell. This expansion, also called hygratural fatigue, weakens the hair and makes it extremely vulnerable.

  • If we add the stiffness and weight of a body towel ... our hair will be extremely unhappy. Rubbing your hair with a towel is also dangerous - friction destroys the cuticle that is sensitive to moisture.

  • The hair towels have been specially designed for damp and vulnerable hair - they are light, do not tug on the hair and have a soft material that protects the cuticle from friction.

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header 2 easy to use

1. Cover

Fit the buttoned part of the towel on the back of your head, tilting the head down.

2. Twist

Wrap the hair with a towel until it is tightly wrapped around it.

3. Secure

Wrap the elastic around the button to secure.


What is the difference between a towel and a normal one?

Normal body towels are extremely heavy for our hair and pull on the hair, especially after absorbing water.

Wet hair is the most sensitive and can be easily broken or damaged. For this reason, it needs special care.

Our towel is made of ultra-fine and absorbent terry microfibers, special for safe hair drying. These qualities differentiate it from a normal towel that sticks and rubs on the hair cuticle. It is also significantly lighter - it does not make it difficult or pull on the delicate wet hair.

Does this towel dry your hair completely?

The towel may not completely dry your hair, but it will significantly reduce your drying time (normal or hot) due to its ultra-absorbent material. You can remove the towel when you feel it is wet to the touch - it means that it has absorbed enough water from your hair.

Can I wash it in the washing machine?

Yes, if you follow the instructions on the product label. For example, the towel should not be washed at temperatures above 30 degrees as it may shrink. You should select a gentle wash cycle and not use conditioner or bleach.

Can I sleep with it?

The towel has an extremely soft material and a comfortable cut, so it may be used anywhere and for a variety of purposes.

What material is it made of?

85% polyester and 15% polyamide.

How long is the towel elastic?

It is 3.5 cm long, the ideal size for easy button fastening and hair securing.
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What are the benefits of facial rolling?

Massaging your face with semi-precious stones forces the blood that has stagnated for too long in the capillaries to come out and be replaced with fresh, oxygenated blood, while lactic acid or uric acid residues are released from the muscles or under the skin. This elimination of excess or negative energies restores your balance and heals.

How often should you use the Beauty Stones to notice results?

We recommend you to use it every day, morning and night, repeating the movements between 3-5 times for each area.

What products can I use for the Beauty Stone Face massage?

For a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, during the massage you should apply some drops of facial oil, serum or moisturizer.

How can I clean them?

You can wash it with soap and water or use a cleansing wipe. If you want to disinfect it, you can use an antibacterial spray. Keep those germs away from your goodies.

Can they break easily?

Since the Beauty Stones are made out of a semi-precious stone, they must be used and stored with care.

Can I store them in the beauty fridge?

Yes! The massage with cold Beauty Stones works wonders on the skin: it reduces inflammation and swelling and improves blood circulation. Because the Stones have a dual function, you can heat them up by setting the heating function on for a relaxing massage or to open your pores.

How do I know which stone to choose?

It depends on your preference - each stone has different metaphysical properties. We are going to publish a Guide that will help you choose the right stone. Stay tuned!

Which facial massage is better: the one with the Roller or the one with the Gua Sha?

The two are different: the Gua Sha massage supports lymphatic drainage and relaxes the facial muscles, while the Roller massage reduces inflammation and helps you apply your favorite products and absorb cosmetics into the skin.

What is the difference between the Beauty Stones?

Each accessory is different, but they work best together. We recommend that you start your massage with Gua Sha for contouring and lifting, and then reduce the inflammation and soothe your skin using the Duo Roller. On days when your skin feels lifeless, you can massage it using the textured Roller which is ideal for a more energizing massage. 

Which facial massage is better: the one with the Textured Roller or the one with the Duo Roller?

The two are different: the Mini Roller is ideal for tired skin due to its textured surface that offers a deep and energizing massage, while the Roller massage reduces inflammation and helps you apply your favorite products and absorb cosmetics into the skin.